Hytera BD615 UHF

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Hytera’s BD615 two-way radio inherits the excellent

performance of Hytera TC6 series of analogue products,

that provides professional communication which is easily

operated, rugged and reliable. Today, communication

tools are the key to improved efficiency. When we ask for

clear voice, it means wanting a reliable, easy to hear and

understand source of communication. Long battery life

helps you to maintain control. A rugged and robust device

takes the worry out of communicating. High performance

combined with a simple user interface helps ensure ease

of use.

Hytera understands their customer’s requirements and
provides this all in one solution. With lightweight, easy-
operation, excellent performance, long battery life and
reliability. We redefine a business radio using Hytera digital
technology and quickly responding to what you need.

With innovative design, the BD615 has better performance than analogue
radios. Excellent reception sensitivity means the effective range for
communication can be extended. The BD615 DMR digital radio has no
interference, providing a stable communication connection.
The BD615 features a bold two-colour designed and tested to meet
Military Standards 810 G, including temperature shock, vibration, high
& low temperature and humidity. The IP66 dust-and-water-proof design
guarantees the devices reliability across different environments.
With digital encoding and correction technology, human voice is
transmitted clearer without noise, even over greater distances. This is
a new experience in the world of improved audio quality.